Great Works Project

The Great Works Project has been introduced, and students are busy thinking up what they most want to learn about this year!

The Great Works project is made up of 5 projects all on the same topic of each students choice. They will be handed in and presented throughout the year. It is recommended that each project take a different form such as a poster, Power Point, diorama, model, brochure, map, poem, video, comic strip, game, story, skit, etc.

Here is our timeline:

Tuesday, October 14th      – Submit topic and 5 related project descriptions
Monday, November 24th – Submit 1st Great Work project
Tuesday, January 20th     – Submit 2nd Great Work project
Monday, March 2nd          – Submit 3rd Great Work project
Monday, April 27th           – Submit 4th Great Work project
Monday, June 8th             – Submit 5th Great Work project

Please talk to your child about the topic they are considering and the 5 projects they are thinking up. Encourage them to choose something they are truly enthusiastic about studying.

They have received two double sided sheets, one describing the project, and another to outline their project. You will be asked to sign their outline before they begin their first project.


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