Heritage Fair

Maple Grove is holding a Heritage Fair Thursday March 5th.
Division 13 has begun by choosing topics and developing Critical Questions and sub-topics. These are due on Tuesday.

Heritage Fair Dates:

January 16th-31st

  • Gather a variety of resources
  • Refine question and sub-topics
  • Collect and organize facts

February 1st-8th

  • Draft written parts of the display

Febuary 9th-15th

  • Edit and word process drafts into final form

February 16th-24th

  • Complete illustrations, charts, and display

February 25th – March 1st

  • Practice oral presentation

March 2nd-4th

  • Oral presentations in class

March 5th

  • Share and celebrate at the Historica Fair


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  1. vidaderiva says:

    Thank you, Ms. Burghall, for all the helpful information and timelines.

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